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[CHERRY] CHERRY Token token

policy: content_copye14fe3ab348f9a6198359481472601f4557b9f86984f40a186a3b1e8

analytics CHERRY to ADA Chart

speed Onchain activity

Epoch TXs accounts TXs all Volume all
378 2.77k 8.46k 687.300T
377 3.01k 10.23k 862.498T
376 2.83k 8.85k 1,500.518T
375 2.89k 9.46k 3,096.705T
374 2.34k 7.57k 1,425.782T

fact_check Token Overview

The CUTEST juiciest meme coin on the Cardano blockchain. The perfect topping for a Sundae. #notadogcoin

Fingerprint content_copy asset1wv6y4euj2peclza874dn2ljlyku6ty4l5uw2er
Name content_copyCHERRY (content_copy434845525259)
Supply 1,000.000T
Token Registry check_circle
Name: CHERRY Token
Ticker: CHERRY
Decimals 0
Token price 0.0000000012₳
FD Market Cap 1.200M₳
Minting 3x
2021-12-05 09:46:49
2021-12-30 23:13:28
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