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[RUM] OTK Rum Token token

policy: content_copy7bf18ff8bbc7cd4adbf4a31828fc3ada26fe40f52de27394ec36b03e

analytics RUM to ADA Chart

speed Onchain activity

Epoch TXs accounts TXs all Volume all
452 160 1.19k 195.425M
451 181 1.38k 193.093M
450 155 1.42k 264.506M
449 221 1.55k 115.060M
448 205 1.37k 96.207M

fact_check Token Overview

The utility token for the Order of the Kraken, a Pirate themed NFT Project on the Cardano blockchain

Fingerprint content_copy asset1w6zk4c00p648fyvyup0hp3jtcy33at9qum3lgp
Name content_copyOTK Rum (content_copy4f544b2052756d)
Supply 88.888M
Token Registry check_circle
Name: OTK Rum Token
Ticker: RUM
Decimals 0
Token price 0.02753₳
FD Market Cap 2.447M₳
Minting 7x
2023-05-25 21:35:24
2023-09-26 04:05:24