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[PUDGY] Pudgy Token token

policy: content_copy133fac9e153194428eb0919be39837b42b9e977fc7298f3ff1b76ef9

speed Onchain activity

Epoch TXs accounts TXs all Volume all
491 1.50k 4.68k 53.037B
490 1.50k 4.33k 56.673B
489 1.47k 4.82k 56.643B
488 1.51k 5.20k 57.825B
487 1.54k 3.84k 35.535B

fact_check Token Overview

The #1 ARTcoin on Cardano, giving back the cryptoverse to its lawful rulers: Cats

Fingerprint content_copy asset1pvpyw5ts9vffg38zjswlql29f8m3vczzmcc065
Name content_copyPUDGY (content_copy5055444759)
Supply 1.000B
Token Registry check_circle
Name: Pudgy Token
Ticker: PUDGY
Decimals 0
Minting 1x
2022-01-09 23:20:50