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[WYRM] Wyrmstone token

policy: content_copy4ffaa4ef3217df37c4995bb96066af4cb68dfcc66b9f2a10e0c333b9

analytics WYRM to ADA Chart

speed Onchain activity

Epoch TXs accounts TXs all Volume all
390 357 1.99k 383.366M
389 361 1.88k 410.604M
388 394 1.91k 463.942M
387 420 2.42k 778.283M
386 373 2.24k 588.633M

fact_check Token Overview

The official utility token of Tavern Squad

Fingerprint content_copy asset1phxd3qjncvtzrr52wfcqesh6nudnp7ct3x937c
Name content_copyWyrmstone (content_copy5779726d73746f6e65)
Supply 13.370M
Token Registry check_circle
Name: Wyrmstone
Ticker: WYRM
Decimals 0
Token price 0.28540₳
FD Market Cap 3.816M₳
Minting 1x
2022-12-14 19:29:14
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