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BISON token

Be aware. There exists asset with same name which is verified, with different policy (check here). Two possible scenarios:
1) there are two tokens with same name and both are doing different things. If you want to remove this message, please verify this token/register it into CF registry
2) this token is copycat
policy: content_copy44dddc4d42e43ba1a8c4acfcff6d65417524b12ad93d57c754376423

Onchain activity

Epoch TXs Quantity
316 0 0
315 1 1,000.000T
314 1 1,000.000T
313 0 0
312 0 0
311 0 0
Lifetime 2 2,000.000T

Token Overview

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Fingerprint content_copy asset1g8as8sm5p60j088j6hw9g8ru56wcstvta25t85
Name content_copyBISON (content_copy4249534f4e)
Supply 1,000.000T
Token Registry pause_circle_outline no
Decimals 0
Minting 1x
2022-01-14 00:32:41
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