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[QTS] QuestToken token

policy: content_copy9d86482511c8a49f21d5c83ee58a49e2926f70ac57dd73ed20404269

Onchain activity

Epoch TXs Quantity
316 4 800
315 20 3.73k
314 28 1.993B
313 54 208.58k
312 28 1.202M
311 50 103.55k
Lifetime 2.70k 60.855B

Token Overview

QuestToken is the community token for all supporters of . It is distributed through every epoch you stake within the QUEST stake pool. For NFT holders there are occasionally airdrops available. AdaQuest/Red Potion Studios reserves the right to change the distribution ratio and the use case at any time!


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Fingerprint content_copy asset1f5swnnc7wu2ffyvnayg62hk46vw5zgxr0w0qgr
Name content_copyquest (content_copy7175657374)
Supply 1.000B
Token Registry check_circle
Name: QuestToken
Ticker: QTS
Decimals 0
Minting 1x
2021-03-15 20:49:37
stars Featured tokens:

Quantity: 1,000.000T
This epoch: 14302 txs


Quantity: 3.000B
This epoch: 334 txs

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