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[TREES] VeritreeToken token

policy: content_copy f7c777fdd4531cf1c477551360e45b9684073c05c2fa61334f8f9add

analytics TREES to ADA Chart

speed Onchain activity

Epoch TXs accounts TXs all Volume all
377 212 1.24k 90.76k
376 184 1.53k 112.16k
375 202 1.32k 125.46k
374 213 1.31k 169.37k
373 254 1.19k 81.62k

fact_check Token Overview

Each VeritreeToken represents a real tree to be planted in #CardanoForest

Fingerprint content_copy asset1a7e0a783gxaz6dsrcjv6tfam2mnra5m250dlew
Name content_copyVeritreeToken (content_copy5665726974726565546f6b656e)
Supply 775.48k
Token Registry check_circle
Name: VeritreeToken
Ticker: TREES
Decimals 0
Token price 1.01503₳
FD Market Cap 787.13k₳
Minting 4604x
2021-09-25 10:39:20
2022-04-22 04:36:08
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