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analytics SHARDS to ADA Chart

speed Onchain activity

Epoch TXs accounts TXs all Volume all
452 135 1.20k 7.889M
451 53 311 2.415M
450 57 207 1.146M
449 65 343 3.486M
448 125 1.15k 11.359M

fact_check Token Overview

$SHARDS are a crafting material for the Pit Brawler's game economy. They are accumulated via holding a Badge of Honor (airdropped 50%), staking a Badge of Honor with (30%), and are rewarded at an ultra-low drop rate for battling in PFP Pit Brawl (20%). These tokens will be necessary to craft Legendary Weapons, Armor, Relics. etc. Each Legendary object in PFP Pit Brawl will require varying amounts of $SHARDS.

Fingerprint content_copy asset15nztuwg0e3kvynvpp0fjtdva8dcj5lyjqfgpv3
Name content_copy�Shards (content_copy0014df10536861726473)
Supply 525.00k
Token Registry check_circle
Ticker: SHARDS
Decimals 0
Token price 2.38900₳
FD Market Cap 1.254M₳
Minting 2x
2023-08-10 21:48:59
2023-08-17 05:41:34