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policy: content_copy0a50fef0531ad801149ba033b6ed2d4832d59d24e7e9e57c41c9033d

speed Onchain activity

Epoch TXs accounts TXs all Volume all
340 now 2 TBD 28.383M
339 1 67 6.400M
338 3 111 34.283M
337 1 71 7.050M
336 4 16 47.967M
335 1 57 28.933M
Lifetime 148 - 1.277B

fact_check Token Overview

MASCOT TOKEN is a native asset on the Cardano blockchain. You can purchase it and keep it in your wallet to attract good luck. We are planning to release various collections of NTF tokens that visualize different unique talismans. Only MASCOT tokens can be used to acquire MASCOT NFTs.


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Fingerprint content_copy asset14q82mam2nn527g2lu3hs78lf6nrhwe2l6s8cx2
Name content_copyMASCOT (content_copy4d4153434f54)
Supply 100.000M
Token Registry check_circle
Ticker: MASCOT
Decimals 0
Token price 0.0000000000₳
FD Market Cap 0₳
Minting 1x
2021-12-02 22:18:54
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