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CNFT token

policy: content_copy6cfbfedd8c8ea23d264f5ae3ef039217100c210bb66de8711f21c903

speed Onchain activity

Epoch TXs accounts TXs all Volume all
347 now 284 TBD 79.538M
346 370 1.35k 109.334M
345 397 1.60k 168.034M
344 422 1.91k 168.276M
343 488 1.87k 156.686M
342 515 2.15k 153.105M
Lifetime 6.59k - 98.085B

fact_check Token Overview

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Fingerprint content_copy asset13xefu4yyf5gxlcgsr65vtlqwufmcp6k0lh3xpw
Name content_copyCNFT (content_copy434e4654)
Supply 39.138B
Token Registry pause_circle_outline no
Decimals 0
Token price 0.0000000000₳
FD Market Cap 0₳
Minting 3225x
2021-08-20 14:53:57
2021-09-11 20:06:52
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