Hi, developer!

We're glad you're developing on Cardano. We like open data and that's why we offer here a comprehensive list of data and how to use this site.

Open data
tokens - https://js.cardanoassets.com/tokens.json
nfts - https://js.cardanoassets.com/nfts.json
jsons are updated once a hour
token/nft detail - https://cardanoassets.com/asset_fingerprint
policy detail - https://cardanoassets.com/policy/hex_policy_id
Use open data (JSONs) as you see fit! Attribution is appreciated. There are no limitations on number of daily requests or so.
Scrapping of this website is not allowed.
Other resources
If you need blockchain explorer, look on adaex.org (mainnet) or testnet.adaex.org (testnet)
Further data can be found on https://adapools.org/resources